You Cannot Pull All The Strings In Your Life

Have you ever watched Eurovision song contest? Outside of Europe is not that popular. If we can be more specific, it’s not so popular in Europe as well, but they have huge fan base. Every year Europe countries send their representatives to perform and compete. Songs don’t have much quality, but now and then, some songs jump and become popular than others.

On the other hand, I remembered some others that weren’t so successful. Like a song called Life from some unknown artist from some country, I didn’t hear. In that song, he is comparing life with books, songs, stories, etc.He is saying that the basis of our life is to live it no matter what.

And he is right, well the song is right, but sometimes life can be cruel and unpredictable. In some situations, life tempts us in a very hard way. Needles to say is that not everyone has a good life, but I didn’t write this article because of that. I wanted to show people how sometimes luck and some events can change your life.

I read the other day, some piece on terrorist attacks on September 11. Those were dark times for the United States, and everyone who was connected with those attacks suffers even today. But some people had the luck that day. For example, one woman had enormous luck and did not die that day. She was exercising that morning by riding her bike.

While she was driving, she ran on some SUV. She was surprised when she saw a driver of that SUV. It was Gwyneth Paltrow, the famous actress, and ex-wife of famous band Coldplay (which I am a great fan, but that is not relevant at the moment).

Lady screamed at Gwyneth because she is a fan of her work. Gwyneth was very nice, and she stopped to talk with a fan. They spoke about their yoga exercise and similar. Who could say that they had so much in common? So when they finished a conversation, a woman left home to prepare for work. She went to catch a metro but she was late for her regular ride, and she already started to think about how she will explain to her boss why she is late.

The explanation wasn’t needed because soon after terrorist attacks occurred. She worked at the World Trade Center, which was crushed in suicide bombing attacks. As a matter of a fact, if she wasn’t late and if she weren’t met the famous actor she would probably be there on time and dead. Several years later, after this story became more popular on the news, people organized the meeting between these two people. They both said it was a chilling moment.

So you see, not everyone is in the control of their lives. Sometimes Mrs. Destiny shows up and interferes in our lives. If that woman weren’t late, she would be probably dead, and she wouldn’t have this story, and she wouldn’t be grateful for the rest of her life.

Never Give Up, Underestimated Skill Of Persistence

People can easily get trapped in thinking that many successful people had more luck in life than them and in that process, they lost much serious life’s opportunities. Just because they are successful doesn’t mean they have perfect lives. Your impression can be enlarged with their constant appearance on television screens where they represent life without problems. If you think in this way, then you are deadly wrong.
Successful people have same problems as you

The Simple truth is that most of the successful people didn’t become what they are today because they didn’t have problems, but because they didn’t let problems stop them, they were always persistent when they were facing them.

Next time when you are doing something exciting, don’t ever give up when the things don’t go the way you expected, always know that problems will appear. The big expectations and dreams create the bigger ambition, and when you are on the verge of accomplishing everything, problems will appear. If you know that something will go wrong, then you have less chance to give up when difficulties come.

The fact you are facing troubles should be observed as a sign that you are progressing. Issues will appear only in a case where you accomplished some progress. When this happens, don’t be upset, only think on one thing: “I’m succeeding because I am encountering on these problems now”. Resolve them one by one and you will achieve that you hoped for.You can find a solution for everything; luckily there is an only small number of problems that you can’t overcome. You need to invest a lot of thinking and effort to find the right solution, but when you find it, your compensation will be immense.
Facing with problems
There are many ways to resolve problems, but luckily every problematic situation can be solved. However, there are few principles:
Think before you act – problems can be avoided if you simply think before you do something. When you wish to do something that has many challenges, think about possible problems you may encounter. With the help of this, you will avoid many issues right from the start.

Avoid the things that create problems – often we can create issues by ourselves. Ask yourself are you doing all the necessary things? It’s easy to get confused when you aren’t putting enough effort.

Do you use the help of the appropriate people? If you need help, ask for it, don’t ever be shy! If you are working with other people, are they be able to understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Only you know what goes through your head, but you need to set some time and present your ideas to other people.
Focus on problems you need to resolve – even if you apply all these principles, problems will still appear, but you need to focus and then determine what the problem is, to overcome it.

For persistence needs exercise
You won’t make a success if you avoid problems, the most important thing is to stay focused, persistent and to resolve them.

Help Your Brain Tox Stay Fit

If you’re a student, half of your everyday’s life comes down to learning and – memorizing a lot of things. If you’re an employee in pretty much any company in any field of industry, memorizing things is often integrated part of your work.

If you are a parent, you need to keep closely on so many everyday’s duties and memorize precisely dozens of things to do your multitasking.

Even if you are simply worried about frequent forgetting your car keys, birthdays and phone numbers of family members or can’t remember if you have turned off the stove, you might be worried about the capacity of your memory.There are so many situations in everyday’s life when you are simply expected to memorize something. But nobody has ever told how to do that properly or how to improve your memory when fatigue, lack of sleep, burnout syndrome or aging take their toll.

Sometimes forgetting thins is a benign phenomenon due to stress, absentmindedness or overwork. Sometimes few tricks for sharpening the memory can do you a great help and sometimes it’s a sign of underlying illness alarming you to seek medical help.Here are few pieces of advice and tricks proved as effective in sharpening your memory and helping you stay focused and mentally vivid.
Exercise your brain to stay fit just as you do it with your body. There are thousands of amusing ways to do this. Learn to play an instrument or a new language. Read a novel or solve some crosswords. Explore new ways when walking to your work. Play games that involve your intellect and imagination.
Feed your brain in a healthy manner. The brain needs three major ingredients that fuel its work: oxygen, sugar, and sleeping. Spend some time in a fresh air every day, whether it’s 15 minutes walking down the street or riding a bike or working in your garden. Take a lot of deep breaths. Eat healthy because the brain is sensitive to junk food as much as any other part of the body. Don’t avoid vegetables, energize your brain with fruit and long-burning carbs and always choose low-fat lunch. Boost your mental strength occasionally with desert and do not sink the gray cells into alcohol.

Neurons do their filing and folder of memorized information while you sleep. They also get some needed rest during the night.

It’s not just about a number of hours you spend sleeping. Keeping your biorhythm regular, going to bed and waking up at the same time also counts as important.

Staying physically active isn’t important just because of staying slim. Your brain needs a good circulation, and all the doctors agree that 15 minutes per day of any kind of activity that speeds up your heart rate and breathing will provide sufficient circulation.

Without social stimulation, your brain tends to isolate itself and slow down the activity. Call your loved ones, grab a coffee with friends and through a party now and then.If sticking to all of these habits fails to increase shape and form of your memory or if it gets worse, consult your physician and prevent significant memory loss.